The evolution of human mating (2) Why pair bond?

  • Ornamental females, despite human childbirth being unusually risky.
  • The most extreme Dad-strategy males among all terrestrial mammals.
  • The only non-eusocial terrestrial species with strongly sex-differentiated subsistence strategies.
  • The only group-living, cooperatively pair-bonding, great ape.
  • The longest-living ape due to being the only ape with females with long post-menopausal survival.
  • The most fat-obsessed carnivorous omnivore.
  • Having the most biologically expensive children in the biosphere.
  • While being by far the most fertile of the great apes and the only global primate.



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Lorenzo M Warby

Lorenzo M Warby

An accidental small businessman who reads a lot and thinks about what he reads, sometimes productively. Currently writing a book on marriage.